Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I was so excited for the weekend!  The kids were coming home!  They hadn't been home since Christmas and that is way too long for this momma. I spent most of Friday cleaning,  making Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti and baking a chocolate cheesecake for Ashley's birthday, which we hadn't celebrated yet.
 The kids got home just in time for supper at Angie's. 
Colby's friend, Derrick, ate with us also.  He just happened to be at our house when the kids got there so we invited him along.   
Colby spent the evening gathering up sports memorabilia in his room to take back with him for his apartment.
He has been a sports card collector since he was about 4 years old so he has quite a collection.
Saturday, Allan and Colby went to work on the house.

Allan put Colby to work installing light boxes or whatever those square metal things are.  I know Allan was glad to have his help!
Ashley and I stayed home most of the day.  She had jewelry work to do and I just sort of did nothing!
Mom and Dad came for supper and to celebrate a belated birthday for Ashley.  She was sick with the flu back in February on her birthday and this was the first available weekend for us to all get together.
We had a good supper of chicken spaghetti, salad and mom's delicious homemade bread!  I'm so glad she's back to baking bread again.  We then had Ashley's favorite birthday cake-brownie chocolate chip cheesecake!
I always let the kids pick what kind of birthday cake they want and they have each chosen the same one for YEARS! 
Happy 26th Birthday, Ashley!
After Mom and Dad left, Ashley got back to working on her jewelry and Colby and I played Wheel of Fortune on the wii.  Well, he played while I sat there and sat there and sat there WAITING for a chance to play.  He killed me in this game!
Sunday was church and Ashley helped me in my Bible Class. We went to lunch at Molina's and then came home.
Ashley's best friend and her family came by to visit before the kids left.
Jessica, Ashley and Sweet P
Colby and Sweet P
Just look at that precious girl!  Both of them!
 Jessica's family left and we took our usual 'tree' pictures before changing out of our church clothes.
I love these two so much and just can't hardly stand it when they drive off after a trip home.

I hope you had a great weekend also!

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