Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Abby

Last Fall, we were adopted by another sweet kitty.  This little gray striped cat had been hanging around in our back yard but never let me get close to her.  She was a big talker but safely kept her distance from me.
Finally, one day, I stepped outside and called 'kitty, kitty' and she just flew to me.  It was like she had been checking us out for several weeks and then decided we might actually be a good family for her.   I was determined that she was NOT going to be another inside cat since we already had Hershey & Oreo inside.  
I went out daily and played with her.  She was so much fun!  She was getting older and we really didn't want her to have a yard full of kittens to take care of.  We took her to our vet and he took care of the matter.  Of course, she HAD to recuperate from surgery IN THE HOUSE.
She has been inside from that day forward AND we love it!  She is the most affectionate of the three cats and the most vocal.  She talks even more than Oreo does and like him, almost says words!  
She is very, very playful too and has a great time with Oreo.  Hershey is still not too happy about her being inside.
Abby is also a big eater...of people food!
She will literally fight you for your food!  She loves to have the last bit of milk from my cereal every morning, but can hardly wait until I'm finished. As in the photo above, you see, she did not wait until I was finished!  We have laughed about it and really not disciplined her like we should have when it comes to begging for food.  She is just too cute and it's too funny!
She will eat almost anything that comes from our plates.  Popcorn is the only thing so far that she's not too crazy about, but everything else is fair game!
She WILL find a way to get it!
 Even though we were not looking to having another cat, I am so thankful that she chose us to be her family.
I love my sweet Abby girl!


  1. Aww she's adorable! Looks like a lot of fun too. I wish a cat would adopt us!!