Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend!  Late last week Mom & I went to a little country cemetery to put flowers on family graves.
I was going to do a post about members of our family that served in our military but I waited too late to gather up info and pictures from others.  Maybe by Veterans Day I will have that together.

Saturday morning we got up early to go work on the new house.
Allan worked on wiring and I weedeated for a while and then came in to sand logs.  It seems it's a never ending job!  We quit working soon after lunch because we had a wedding to go to.

I had SO been looking forward to this wedding!  I had heard about the decorations they were planning and had seen a few things, but I was so ready to see it all put together.  It was beautiful!
They made the backdrop out of screen doors that they painted and distressed.  I LOVED it!  The reception was held at the bride's parents home so we all went there after the ceremony and picture taking.
The bride's grandparents own an old Model-T and it was the backdrop for the reception pictures.
It was such a neat idea.  Lots of people took the opportunity to do family pictures in front of it. We had a very nice time and it was just the perfect day for a wedding!
The bride and groom were driven off, riding in the jump seat, by her grandparents!  They drove them down the hill to where the real get-away car was waiting.  I absolutely loved this idea!

Sunday was our usual church, lunch, nap, church again, and Braum's!
  It was a great day!

Monday, we got up early...AGAIN... to get to work on the house.  Our weather is getting so hot and we didn't know how long we could last in it.  We both weedeated  and then got to work on the inside.  I sanded, sanded, and then sanded some more!  Allan is ALMOST finished with the wiring now.  That has been a long, slow process for him.  We came in for lunch and ate at Simple Simon's Pizza.  Then, back to the house we went.  We took a little longer break and rode the 4-wheeler a while and took pics of wildflowers.
These are just gorgeous!  Even though, these make me sneeze, I still love them!

When I had been 4-wheeling by myself I saw this bird that was acting very strangely, running beside me and in front of me.  When Allan went riding with me, it was still there in the area and he told me it was a killdeer, which I had never heard of.
It began running around in front of us again.  Allan said that it was fixing to play like it was hurt and sure enough, it did!
It walked as if it had a broken wing!  Allan said it was to lure predators towards her and away from her nest, which he said would be nearby.  We looked and soon found it also. 
What a smart bird!  Of course, any mother will do whatever it takes to protect her young!

I hope everyone had a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. What a busy--but wonderful!--weekend you had! Loved the pictures. Hope you're having a great week!