Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just A Bunch Of Ramblings...

So, as you know I took a couple of months of a bloggy break, but my life did go on!  Here are just some of the things we've been up to the last few months.

We are STILL working on our new house.  It's just slow going when we are trying to do some of it ourselves.  I should say Allan is doing most of the work.  I've been nursing tendonitis and haven't been able to be of much help lately. He finished all of the wiring a while back and now has the insulation done.  We're just about ready for the sheetrockers to come.  Allan has been busy casing out the windows.  Notice he is taking safety precautions and wearing his handy dandy earplugs!  Safety first!
Safety first UNTIL you decide to lay across the rafters..with no safety belt, no safety net and no piles of  foam padding below!  That's a longgggggg way to fall and I was so scared the whole time he was up there!  It's like a 100 foot drop!!  Well, not THAT far, but it is a long way.
I LOVE my newest Vintage Pearl necklace!  It's my current favorite one.  Ashley is the store manager of The Vintage Pearl in Edmond so stop in and see her when you're in the area.
I'm so excited that a new Mexican Restaurant is getting ready to open, even though it is in our favorite restaurant's old building.  Molina's has closed the one in our town and that makes me sad:)  I hope this new one is really good!
I love this deliciousness that Manuel treats us to at our other Mexican restaurant in town.  It truly is as good as it looks!
Like mother-
Like daughter-
Well, the ONLY thing alike in these two pics is that we are using the same piece of equipment.  Mom LOVES LOVES LOVES this kind of work wayyyyy more than I do!  She thinks it's actually fun!

I went to a couple of bridal showers a few weeks ago.  My high school friend, Debbie, is getting married this weekend to a wonderful guy.  Our church gave her a personal bridal shower and we had so many laughs.  For some reason, she wouldn't try on and model anything we got her!  Best wishes sweet friend!

The same weekend, our church helped host a shower for another pretty bride.  The decorations were absolutely beautiful.  Fall was definitely in the air!
These cupcakes were gorgeous and also tasted so good.   Michelle got a great shower with lots of useful things to set up her new house.

So, this is just some of what's been going on around here the last few months. 

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  1. What a beautiful house it is looking like are Blessed!