Monday, October 29, 2012

The Weekend

Happy Monday, people!  I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the Halloween week!
We had kind of a busy weekend. Friday evening, after Allan got home from work, we went to Paris for a little date night.  We ate supper at Magel's, which is one of our favorites!
 The meal is always great but I mainly go there for these rolls!  I didn't realized the picture was fuzzy until I checked it at home.  I guess I was really shaky and in a hurry to get that hot roll with melted butter in my mouth!  So delish!
After eating, we went downtown to the square.   They were setting up for their annual pumpkin festival on Saturday.  We took a few pics but it was really getting a bit dark to see very good.  People were scurrying around everywhere getting things in order for the festival.  Sadly, I didn't get to go back over there Saturday to see everything.
Saturday was spent working out at the new house.  Allan was trying his hand at sheetrocking, taping and bedding. 
I went back and forth from sanding logs to moving a wood pile to burn.  My tendonitis was giving me fits so I really wasn't much help as a worker. 
Oreo just cracks us up all the time.  He LOVES boxes so we always keep a few for him and the other two to play in.  He loves this long box and just flies through it all the time.  Saturday night, he was so rowdy that it sounded like he was tearing the place up!  So much fun!
Sunday was church and as usual my Bible Class kids were so cute.  I had a little girl visitor that my boy, "P", spent his time trying to impress.  He is such a charmer. 
Our sermon Sunday was about "The Christian Race" and was a great lesson.  Our preacher, Steve, recently ran his first full marathon so he brought his medal to show everyone after church was over.  What an accomplishment!
After church, we went to Paris for lunch with the gang to eat at Sirloin Stockade.  I ate until I was miserable and then I ate some more!  I really wanted to go back to the downtown square and take better pics if it was still decorated for fall.  So, we did and it was!
My handsome hubby!
We got back home and took naps before going back to church.  After church, we went with the gang to Braum's for supper.  It was a great weekend!

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