Monday, April 18, 2011

Everybody's Working For The Weekend-weekend recap

This past weekend was a pretty laaaazzzzzzzyyyy weekend for us.  When Allan got home from work on Friday, we hem hawed around trying to decide whether to stay in town to go out to eat or to go on over to Paris.  I hadn't felt good and didn't really feel like going anywhere...but decided to go on to Paris anyway for supper.
This is our conversation as we are nearing Paris city limits:
Me: Where do you want to eat?
Al: I don't care.
Me: I don't care either.
Al: Well, you pick.
Me: No, you pick because you're pickier than me about where to eat.
Al: Anything but Mexican is fine with me.
Me: Well, I was wanting Mexican...just kidding.
Al: Well, I don't want Capizzie's since we ate there last weekend.
Me: How about Magel's or Applebee's?
Al: That's what I was thinking.
Me: Which one?
Al: Either is fine.  You pick.
Me: OK, Magel's because I need their bread.
Soooooooo...Magel's it was!  Magel's has these to die for rolls that come to the table piping hot with whipped butter ready to slather on them. They are simply delish!!  My main reason for going there!  Their other food items are great too and I decided on the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Allan had filet mignon, loaded baked potato and a salad.  Great food! Instead of walking the shopping center, as we usually do, we came straight back home and watched a movie on netflix.

We had a similar conversation as to what to watch as we had about choosing a place to eat!  We have two distinctly different tastes in movies so it is hard to find something we both will like.  After scrolling through pages and pages of movies, we decided on "The Spy Next Door" with Jackie Chan.
We both think Jackie Chan is hysterical in everything he does. This was a cute little movie and we both enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, Allan made omelets, as he does most Saturdays.
He makes the best I think I've ever had.

Late in the afternoon we decided to go piddle around at our land in the country.  We are getting closer to building our house!

We took Sandy with us too for the first time.
Sandy is not a traveler at all, even though it is just a 10 minute ride out to the land.  So, she was sort of mad and was not going to enjoy being out in the country.  She would not take a drink of water or eat a treat!  She was just going to sit and pout.

Saturday evening I watched "The Shunning" on the Hallmark Channel.
It is based on the book by one of my favorite authors, Beverly Lewis.  It was a great movie!  I love the Amish stories!  This of course, was not Allan's type of movie, so he was watching something on the computer, which I'm sure would not have appealed to me...wrestling, UFC, or NCIS most likely.

Sunday was church.  I love my little Sunday School class!  Only one of my kids was there in time for class and she is adorable!  She is just soaking up everything she's being taught about Jesus and other Bible characters.

After church, we went to eat at the usual place-MOLINA'S!

We LOVE Molina's and the staff there. They take such good care of us!  The chicken quesadillas are one of my favorites!  Yummmm...

After lunch comes the Sunday afternoon nap.  I love my Sunday nap...or any nap for that matter!  Then it was time for church again and then to Braum's with the group.
We have a pretty big group that go after church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.  We had lots of laughs last night...along with some paper wad throwing from some of our oldest members! haha Fun times...just shows you DON'T have to grow up!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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