Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes You're The Pigeon...

...and sometimes you're the statue.

On this particular day, I was the statue.

I decided late last Wednesday night that I would go to see my kids.  I hadn't seen Colby since New Year's Eve and Ashley since February.  Way too long for this Momma to not be with her kids.  I headed out early Thursday morning and got on the turnpike.

I had gone about 19 miles when I came to the first toll gate.  I held my arm out the window to hand the clerk my money.  I suddenly felt something on my arm/sweater.  Just out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was a bug of some sort.  I do not like bugs!  I swiped at my arm and quickly realized this was no bug. I will spare you the details of this grossness.  I screamed out to the clerk, "A bird pooped on me!"  She immediately stuck her head out of the window of her little cubicle and looked up with her mouth wide open...not smart when there are birds overhead!  She immediately began apologizing and handing me paper towels to try to clean up a bit.  She was just mortified and I then began laughing at the whole scene!  She finally gave me my change and I went on my way.  I pulled in at the gas station there at the toll booth area and went in to clean up even more.  I hand washed the arm of the sweater in the sink and went on my way, laughing!  It reminded me of the time a bird pooped on Colby while we were watching the high school homecoming parade a few years ago!  Anyway, what a start to my trip!

I finally arrived at Ashley's office just in time to go to lunch with her. I then spent the afternoon with a friend, waiting on the kids to get off work.  When the kids got off work, we met at Johnnie's for burgers and fries, then went back to their apartment for the evening.
Ashley and I were messing around on her computer, taking pics and such.  The picture taking started out with nice, normal pics but as the silliness took over, the pics began to change.

We had such a good, fun, crazy time as usual.

Check out Ashley's Friday night photos here!

After staying up wayyyyyyyyy too late as we always do, we finally got up and around by the crack of noon on Friday.  Ashley and Colby both were off work on Friday so I was glad to spend time with the both of them! We headed out to the mall for a quick lunch and then to the movies-Soul Surfer.

Ashley and I couldn't wait to see this movie since Carrie Underwood, whom we practically shoved into stardom a few years back with our excessive voting on American Idol, is in the movie.  I'm still not sure why with 'surfer' in the movie title that I didn't associate it with water...moving water...and lots of it.  I get seasick/motion sick by just taking a bath so it didn't take but a second for me and the kids to realize that this might not end well.  I mainly watched the movie with my eyes closed for the most part.  It was a GREAT movie!  It was very inspirational and makes you really think about how you deal with the struggles and difficulties that we all face.  My favorite quote from the movie is: "I don't need easy.  I just need possible."-Bethany Hamilton.

After the movie, we just walked the mall a bit and shopped until time for supper.  Then we went to BJ's Restaurant for supper.  It was my first time to eat there and it was delish!  Ashley and I split a calzone and it was amazing.  After supper, Colby wanted to go to the man store, aka Best Buy.  We killed a little time there checking out all the electronics that I know nothing about.

We left there and headed to the Shannon Miller park which I also had never been to.  We always say we are going to go, but never do.  So...we went.
 Such a gorgeous statue!  I hope the pigeons don't find her!

Of course, Ashley and I had to showcase our inner gymnasts.

 We tried to get Colby to take a pic like this too, with the PROMISE (yeah right) that it would not end up on any blog or any form of social networking sites.  He didn't buy it, but did agree to this one pic.

I love, love, love my kids and had such a great visit with them!  Both kids had plans for Saturday afternoon, so I left to come home after having a late breakfast.  I was especially careful while going through the toll gates on my way home and I made it...with clean sleeves!

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