Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Friday!

I was determined to be productive today!  Not everything that I wanted/needed to accomplish today got crossed off the list, but a few things did. 
I'm excited for this tonight:

This show has my favorite country artists and they just so happen to be fellow OKIES!   I especially love Carrie and Reba, but the other ladies are great also.

I went to my favorite store, JUST A DOLLAR, to shop for Easter treats for my little Sunday School class.  Such fun! This store always has the cutest holiday things. 

I got these adorable felt totes to put all their goodies in!  For only $1!  I love it!!

Tomorrow we are celebrating my niece's birthday!
She is one of the funniest, wittiest kids I know.  You NEVER know what she is going to say! 

Earlier in the week, after being out in the rain.  I left my umbrella open to dry.
 Next thing I knew, Hershey was camped out under it.  He has to check out anything new in the house!

Oreo has been especially snuggly with me this week. He is usually Allan's cat so I really enjoyed my snuggle time with him a few days ago.
I hope everyone has a FUN FRIDAY and a FUN WEEKEND! 


  1. Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. I love those sweet kitties!

    Girls Night Out was awesome!