Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty busy weekend with reunions, visits from family, TKD, and church.
Friday night I actually made a home-cooked meal!  It was the first real meal in a while.  We had meat loaf, mashed potatoes (which Allan said were the best I've ever made!), and green beans.  It was delish if I say so myself. 
Saturday morning, we got up and went separate ways for most of the day.  Allan went out to work on the new house until time for his Black Belt class. 
I went with my parents, aunt, and cousin to a little country school reunion.  My mom grew up going to a one room school house called Mound Grove School. 
This little school went through the 8th grade I believe.  Mom has told numerous stories though the years of all the things she learned in this little school.  She was in a quartet with 3 other girls that went to school there too and they sang at many events throughout the community.
Mom is the girl on the far right.
Every year they have a reunion so I decided to go this time for the first time.  I knew a few people there that I have known just about my whole life that go to the little country church that mom grew up attending
Me with my mom and dad.
There were lots of food and lots of reminiscing going on since some of these folks only see each other this one time a year. After the meal, they have an auction to raise money to help fund the next year's reunion.  My dad and I decided to leave when the auction began, but Mom stayed along with my Aunt Betty and cousin William.
Jimmy & Irma are the most precious people you will ever meet.  Jimmy is named after my grandfather and always says what a great man he was named after.  I have to agree!
Mom with my Aunt Betty and cousin William.  It was so nice of him to bring Betty up for the day to visit with old friends and family.
Mom and Bootsie, another precious lady!  She used to sing in a quartet with my Daddy Jim and she also attends the little Slim Church of Christ.
Mom and Betty with cousins that I had never met before...along with the lady in white that just wanted to be in the picture.  We were trying to take just a cousin picture, but she insisted on being it it we let her!
It was a fun time and I will probably go back again sometime.
After coming back home, we went out to the new house after Allan was finished with TKD.
We had visitors!
Mom brought Betty and William out to see the house.  It was fun to show them around.  After they left, a couple from church came to visit also.  After all the company left, Allan got to work installing more of the electrical boxes and I just sat and watched. 
We left there and went to Los Compadres to eat supper.  We had not been there in a long time and our friend Manuel was really happy to see us.  He spoiled us as usual...with strawberry sopapillas!  Yummers!!
Sunday was church and I had all three of my kids there!  They really are 'precious in HIS sight'!  They were glad to see me since I had been out of town the week before.
Little L on the right had told her momma all week that "Miss Cheryl is crying cos she didn't get to see me".  They are just too cute and love them so much!
After church, we went to Molina's for a great lunch and then it was NAP TIME!!!  I love, love, love my Sunday afternoon naps!

We went to evening worship and then to Braum's with the gang!  
I hope everyone had a good weekend also!

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