Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy Weekend Ahead

 We had rain!!  Not much but every little bit is more than none at all.  Hopefully there will be more in the coming days.

I'm really excited for the weekend!  Ashley is coming home and we have a pretty busy schedule planned. Colby is not coming with her so I am only half-happy for the weekend.
Ashley is co-hosting a baby shower for her best friend on Saturday, so we are going to do some of the decorating tomorrow evening.
Jessica is having a GIRL...finally after having two boys!    Showers are always so much fun!  Showers that my church hosts are the greatest.  These ladies know how to throw a shower!  It's a grand social event for them...especially the little elderly ladies.  We have had it said from ladies in the community, that the Church of Christ ladies put on the best showers in town.  One lady said that if she wasn't a member of this certain denomination, that she'd come to our church for sure...just because of the fun showers! haha
After the shower on Saturday morning, we hope to FINALLY get to go to the movie to see "The Help".  Mom and I have been trying to go for about 3 weeks now and something always comes up.  Ashley is wanting to see it too so hopefully we'll get to.
I also want to read the book.  Ashley just finished it, so she will bring it for me and mom to read.
This weekend is also our county fair! 
 We live a few blocks from where it's held so we usually walk up there a few times to see the displays and different events going on.  Allan's TKD usually does a demo on Saturday afternoon, but we aren't sure if they will this year or not.
I always enjoy visiting with friends that are milling around as I am or manning their own booths.  People watching is always fun too!
There will lots of 'these' at the fair!
I hope everyone finds something fun and relaxing to do this weekend!

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  1. AWWW! I miss the showers there! They ARE the best showers I've EVER been to. When that is the standard for showers it's hard to beat! Have Ashley tell you about my wedding shower. It was quite disappointing. ...But, look at the caliber I started with!

    Hope y'all have fun this weekend! I miss y'all.