Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hide 'n Seek

Today my post is totally about one of our cats, Oreo.
Oreo is a beautiful cat with a funny personality.  He loves to hide! 
As he is playing with his toys, he will have his head hidden to make the game more challenging.
He LOVES LOVES LOVES to hide in paper.  It's his absolute favorite thing.  I save all paper packing that comes in packages and I put it out lots of morning as I leave for work so that he has something fun to do while I'm gone. 
He will just tunnel through the paper and then pounce and pounce in it.  He loves the crackly sound it makes also.
I never knew that this paper could provide hours of  cheap entertainment for him.  Sometimes the other cat, Hershey, will also play but he is usually content to just watch as Oreo romps and crunches the paper.
Oreo also loves boxes!  If one is left on the ground, it will only be a few minutes before he is in it.
He seriously thinks I can't see him!
The past few weeks he has started hiding under the blankets on my bed also.  I can hardly get the bed made because he is jumping and pouncing as the sheets and blankets flutter.
He will lay there so still.  If I say, "Where's that cat?" he will not move at all! He just continues to lay there as if he is completely invisible.
Cats have such funny and unique personalities that completely intrigue me.  We just laugh all the time at their antics and they are such a great source of entertainment!

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