Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teen Celebrity Crushes

Like most teenage girls, I was 'in love' with celebrities back during my pre-teen and teen years.  I could hardly wait for each issue of Tiger Beat to come out to see which of my heartthrobs were on the cover.

There was Greg Brady/aka Barry Williams. 
What girl didn't love him?  I am the oldest child in my family, with two younger brothers.  I ALWAYS wished that somehow I would get an older brother like Greg.  He just seemed so perfect!
I just knew that one day if I was ever in an accident that this handsome rescuer would be there to save me.
Johnny Gage/aka Randolph Mantooth, from the tv show "Emergency" was so good looking and always there to save the day when some tragic accident occurred.  I'm thankful that I never really needed him, but I just knew he WOULD be there if necessary.
Leif Garrett  was another crush of mine.
I had posters of him on my walls and some of his albums.  I think his hair was coveted by all the young girls.  Maybe even Farrah Fawcett got her sense of style from him.  Poor Leif has not been so lucky in his adult life with all of the run-ins with the law and such.
What happened to those golden locks of hair and that fresh faced appearance?  So sad.
These next two guys were my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES of all time!
David Cassidy was so gorgeous!
I was a faithful watcher of The Partridge Family and I have all of their albums along with all of his solo albums.  I had posters on my wall that I said goodnight to each night.  I felt like "I Think I Love You" was being sung to me every time I heard it.
Sadly, David has had some encounters with law enforcement also.
His mug  shot is not quite as scary as Leif's.  He is probably kind of smiling thinking it's the paparazzi taking his picture instead of a law enforcement official.  Anyway, I did love him years ago!
Donny was my main guy!  I was going to marry him I thought.  I just loved everything about him...his music, his face, his hair, his smile and his purple socks.  I even went through a stage of wearing purple socks all of the time. I knew all the words to every song and never, never tired of listening to them.
When he and Marie had their variety show for a couple of years, I was a faithful watcher of it.  There was no such thing of vcrs and recording like that, so I had my little audio tape recorder and would sit close to the tv and record each of their shows and replay them over and over and over!  I was such a great fan! I was fortunate to get to go to an Osmond concert when I was in high school!  I loved every minute of it and still can't believe I actually saw them live!

I was THRILLED when Donny decided to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars!
I rarely vote on these reality tv shows but I HAD to support Donny!  He really took the competition so seriously and gave it his best.
And then he and Kym won!  I was so happy for them! 
Through the years Donny has been one of the few that grew up being a child entertainer that has really not had any bad publicity about him.  He has a wonderful wife and kids and it seems that family is still first and most important in his life.  I will be a fan forever!

Then there is this guy...
"Whatcha talking 'bout Willis?" haha  He was not a crush at all, but he was really cute back then!


  1. I love love love Donny! He is so much hotter than he was back in the day.

  2. New follower from the over 40 hop. I totally forgot about Johnny Gage, so cute. And Leif, what happened? Lol.