Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Weekend

I'm just now getting around to posting about our weekend.  We were so excited for Ashley to come home but also wished that Colby had come with her.
She mainly came home for her best friend's baby shower that she was co-hosting.  Friday evening after supper we started getting things ready for the shower.  We stayed up until after midnight making these life changing oreo truffles.
Jessica had specifically asked for these for her baby shower, so we made them.  They are the easiest, best things you will ever make!
After staying up wayyyyyyyyyy too late as we usually do, we got in a quick nap before it was time to get up Saturday morning to go decorate for Baby P's shower!  We are so excited that Jessica is FINALLY getting a girl!
The hostesses decorated the church with all this cute pink stuff!  It looked so nice and Jessica loved it.
This is one of the table decorations Ashley made and Jessica will also use it in the baby's room.
I'm Jessica's other Momma!  Look at all those cute clothes hanging up behind us!  She got so many cute things for Baby P.
Eating oreo truffles!
I'm glad we did this pose instead of her smashing it in my face!
I had no idea you could buy baby wipes in this quantity!  Wow!
After we cleaned up the church, Ashley and I went home and crashed.  We were supposed to go to see "The Help" with mom  but we were both too tired and Ashley had a headache.  So...we napped.
Sunday was church and Ashley helped me in my Bible Class.  I know I say this all the time, but these kiddos are just precious and so eager to learn about Jesus.
We went to Molina's for lunch and then took another nap before Ashley left.  It began to rain and storm shortly after she left so she didn't have an easy trip back, but she did make it safely.
After night church, as we were leaving to go to Braum's, there was this gorgeous site!

I have NEVER seen a full double rainbow before!  It was so pretty!  My pictures don't do justice to how it really looked.  It looked like it stretched from one end of town to the other. Such a beautiful ending to a great weekend!

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