Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday-Favorite Childhood TV Shows

Hi!  It's Flashback Friday-Favorite Childhood TV Shows!  I was a huge TV watcher as a kid.  TV shows back then...that sounds like so far away...were either westerns or shows that centered around family life.  They were all clean shows and you never had to worry that something inappropriate was going to be said or shown. 

Who didn't love "Leave It To Beaver"?
The Cleavers were just the perfect family it seemed.  Ward left everyday to go to work as Wally & Beaver were getting ready for school.  June always had a hot meal, a clean house and she looked like she never lifted a finger to do any work.

I loved "Family Affair"!
I don't remember what had happened to the mom in the family but Mr. French made up for mom's absence.  He was just wonderful.  Dad was so handsome!

"Here's the story...of a lovely lady"  Is there anybody that can't sing that song?
I think the "Brady Bunch" was everyone's favorite back in the day.  I'm the oldest child in our family and I always wanted an older brother...just like Greg Brady!  The Brady Bunch seemed so normal with all the same family struggles that we all had.  I loved Alice too!

"Sunday, Monday, Happy Days"!
This was another great classic family show.  Mr. & Mrs. C did such a good job raising kids.  I loved the 50's music and the Fonz also!

"Hello World, there's a song that we're singing!  C'mon get happy!"
The "Partridge Family" was so much fun!  I LOVED David Cassidy and Susan Dey.  The show dealt with family issues, all the while, traveling around in their bus, singing.  I loved, loved, loved this show!  I have all of their albums and still have old "Tiger Beat" magazines with David Cassidy on the cover.  He was so cute!!

Back to "Leave It To Beaver" for a second.  Eddie Haskell was one of Wally's best friends.  This is Eddie in recent years.
Years ago, when one of our best friends met Allan's dad at church, his first reaction was...He looks just like Eddie Haskell!
And he does!  His younger pictures look like him and his recent pictures look like him!  That just makes me laugh!  
This is a recent picture of Allan's dad.

I hope you enjoyed a look back at classic TV!

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