Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Is In The Air!

Our spring here in SE Oklahoma has been so perfect for the most part!  Sunny days and warm temperatures have been  wonderful. Flowers are blooming everywhere!
This rose bush in my yard has been here for years!  One of our town doctors lived in our house probably 40 years ago and he loved roses and had them all along the fence.  This one is the only one left now so I really try to baby it and hope to get a cutting from it to plant at our new house.
Gorgeous big blooms!
Also in my yard are these beautiful pink verbenas. 
My mom got a cutting from this plant from a sweet lady at church and had it planted in her own yard.  My mom's thumb is MUCH greener than mine.  Mom will have to transplant this at our new house too because I will kill it!

Across the street from us is a beautiful yellow rose bush that I need mom to get a cutting off of also.
 The doctor that used to live in our house, moved across the street and filled this yard with rose bushes too.  There are only a couple of bushes left in this yard now. 

Of course, along with all these beautiful blooms, there are also these pesky weeds which are wreaking havoc on my allergies!
When I was a kid, I loved these dandelions.  Now...not so much!

Last night while we were eating supper, a delivery truck stopped at our house and the guy knocked on the door.  Allan answered it and turned back around towards me, grinning and holding what he thought must be the perfect gift for me.
You can see that I'm thrilled beyond belief!  I can  hardly contain my excitement.
 I've always felt bad...just a little bit bad...about not helping much with the mowing/weedeating mainly because I couldn't handle the equipment.  I've said, I guess a few too many times, that if I had a light-weight weedeater that I could handle, that I could do the weedeating.  I should have bit my tongue!
Thanks anyway, Allan! I (gulp) love it!

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