Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

What a beautiful day we're having in SE Oklahoma today.  Perfect, perfect weather!

I'm LOVING that Sonic had Happy Hour all day yesterday!
Since it was Tax Day, I guess they figured everyone might need a little extra caffeine during the day.  I made two trips there!

I'm LOVING seeing this little fellow staring back at me through the back glass.
 He fell out of his nest a day or so ago and has been hopping around the back yard ever since.  I hope his momma is still taking care of him though.  Yesterday he hopped right up to the back door and just stared at me!  Precious!
I went outside to try to take more pictures of him and he hopped back in the grass and thought he was hidden from me.  He is just too cute!

I'm LOVING this new snack mom introduced me too!
I love caramel popcorn and this is surprisingly very good and only 130 calories in a package!  Yum!

I'm LOVING that this book is now on top of the stack beside my bed!
I love Karen Kingsbury books and this one is the 4th one in the Bailey Flanigan series.  I can't wait to see who she chooses to marry.  Will it be movie star Brandon or hometown boy Cody? 

I'm LOVING this new scarf that mom gave me a few days ago!
Thanks, Mom!

Have a great Wednesday and rest of the week!


  1. thanks for stopping by today I am loving that scarf too and that little bird is so cute I hope his momma finds him too!!!
    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. I love reading Karen Kingsbury books as well she writes great books.