Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday everyone!  It's almost the weekend!  In fact, my weekend starts today and I'm so excited to see my kids! Here are some thoughts for the day:
This is SO true! I have had a home daycare off and on through the years and also taught toddler and preschool Bible Class for many. many years and children really do tell it all!  I have learned so many interesting and funny things that go on in these children's homes.  Parents really need to be careful because little kids especially tell everything they see and hear!  I should write a book!
This is exactly my style of cleaning up clutter.
I tend to rearrange piles of stuff by moving it all to ANOTHER pile or under the bed!  Never, never look under my bed...Never!
This one is really kind of awful but my friends and family know this is so true also!
Now, I'm not wishing that anyone gets hurt and I will see if you're hurt before the laughing begins, but you have to admit, falls are just plain funny!  When watching "America's Funniest Home Videos', the montages of people falling are the absolute funniest things!  Of course, when I fall, I jump up quickly, looking around to see if anyone saw it and then I go somewhere and laugh at myself too!
It is true that money can't buy happiness!
I think I need to visit a cupcake shop in the very near future!
"You Are My Sunshine" is one of my favorite songs.
I grew up with my Granny singing it, my mom singing it and then I sang it to my own children while rocking them to sleep.  It's such a sweet song but also brings tears to my eyes nearly every time I hear it.
I must have chocolate EVERY day even if its just a little bite-size Snickers.  It's even better if a friend is there to share it with.  Well, not actually share the bite-size but give them one too! 
Dr. Pepper is also a MUST-HAVE!
I inherited my love of Dr. Pepper from my Grandmother.  She ALWAYS had a stash and would share with me.  I know it's not a bit good for me, but I inherited the Dr. Pepper gene so there is not much hope in me conquering it...not that I'm trying very hard at it!
So, so true!
If I don't make lists, then I'm going to forget...simple as that! I run to Wal-Mart with just a list in my head of necessities.  When I return home, I've ended up with $100 worth of stuff...and no necessities. 
I LOVE flip flops!
 Unfortunately, after suffering with some foot issues, my doctor informs me that flip flops are NOT considered shoes!  Shut your mouth!  What does he know? 
And finally...
 No matter how bad a situation seems, always look for something positive.  It's there somewhere!

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