Monday, April 2, 2012

The Weekend

Happy Monday!
Well, none of my weekend plans worked out;( but I still had a pretty good one anyway.
Friday, I had planned to go to OKC to visit the kids and go to a book signing for Pioneer Woman.  Storms were in the forecast and after the way Sandy behaved at Mom and Dad's during a bad storm the week before, she was banned from coming for a visit with the chance of bad weather. They really had a terrible time with her and I felt really bad about leaving her with them knowing it was pretty much guaranteed that there would be storms.  She does know to take proper precautions by getting in the bathtub!
So, I stayed home and secretly thought we had better have a doozy of a storm since I'm going to miss Pioneer Woman! Friday, I waited for the weather to turn nasty...nothing happened. Friday night...nothing happened. BUT...Saturday morning she woke me up early by trying to tear my bedroom door down as there was a rumble of thunder in the distance.  This rumbling lasted about 30 minutes or so with no measurable amount of rainfall or hail or gusty had been predicted. 

Since I didn't travel on Friday, we went out for supper with our church friends.  We have a really neat restaurant in the old train depot here.
We had a great time and as usual there were lots of laughs.  Fun evening!

Saturday since I didn't get to go to OKC, I lived the whole day vicariously through Ashley!  She went to the book store where Pioneer Woman was going to be and waited almost all day to get to meet her.  There were way more people there than expected.  The book signing was to begin at 1:00 and Ashley finally got her turn at 8:00 that evening!  But, it was totally worth it.  Pioneer Woman did a presentation before the signing started and Ashley kept updating me on funny things she said or did.  At one point, PW began to sing "Endless Love" to her dog, Charlie, and Ashley called me so I could listen too!  Our connection was bad so I couldn't really hear much:(
Colby came with Ashley to take pictures for her and I'm so glad he did!  I love this pic of two of my favorite people!  Ashley bought the new cookbook for me and had it signed also.
I can't wait to get my hands on it!  I think this means that Pioneer Woman and I are now BFFs!  
Sunday was our usual Bible Class, church, lunch at Molina's, Sunday afternoon nap, church again, and supper at Braum's with the group. 

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