Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Today is the 17th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. This day will be forever remembered in the lives of most Oklahomans.  Our family was so scared and worried for a few hours.  Allan's mom worked downtown in the Southwestern Bell building.  First reports we heard mentioned that this building had been bombed also.  Phone lines were jammed and we couldn't get through to know if she was OK or not.  There were some very tense and anxious moments before finally hearing, several hours later, that she was fine.  So many others were not.
I will never understand why a person/persons could  intentionally cause this kind of death and destruction to totally innocent people, many of them children. 
The memorial that has been established is really a sight to see.  It is a beautiful tribute to the ones that lost their lives that April 19th morning.

In other somber news, I'm saddened about the death of Dick Clark.   He was truly an American icon. 
I used to watch American Bandstand when I would spend the night on Friday nights with my cousin, Darla.  Her mom would have us clean house on Saturday mornings and we always had American Bandstand blaring from the TV while we did the cleaning.
In recent years, well quite a few in fact, I always looked forward to New Year's Rockin' Eve! 
I was so glad that even after Dick suffered a stroke that he was able to make appearances the last few years on New Year's Eve.  It just won't be the same without him helping to ring in the new year from now on.


  1. Stopping by from Follow Friday. I will miss Dick Clark and your right New Years Eve won't be the same.